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Staffordshire bull terriers

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Bumble Bee (Larumo Bumble Bee)

L2HGA & HC Clear  

Our Dogs  

Larumo T'Great Oshkosh CH Sharrazar Bayete Nkosi CH Boldwin Shaka Zulu Larumo Sakima Leo
Larumo Beau Tie of Boldwin
Sharrazar Trinity Larumo King Mufasa
Delu Midnight Raven of Sharrazar
Larumo Queen Kimba CH Larumo Rob Rambo CH Yardstick Rob Roy of Larumo
CH Larumo Tulipa Dawnglow
CH Larumo Ice Queen CH Rosswar Ice Man
CH Vomhausharrock Faery Queen of Larumo
El Doradostaff Aria of Rosswar CH D'Spain F/N Yakusa CH Lackyle Taiscealai Dubh UK CH Bourtie Prospect of Glory
CH Lackyle Ceal Na Olc
CH Staffgold Black Attraction CH Timgold Gold Prince of Spain
Staffgold Angie Girl
CH El Doradostaff Cherrie CH Devils & Fairies for El Doradostaff UK CH Stormbull Solo JW
Devils & Fairies Dream Maker
CH D'Spain F/N Azumi CH Lackyle Taiscealai Dubh
CH Staffgold Black Attraction
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