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About us

Living in a Stafford house is never dull.  Stafford’s are dogs that need human attention and constant love.  We can never imagine our self being with our staffies.  If we are not showing, the normal sports on a Saturday take up our time.  Louis is a very big Blue Bull supporter and you would find him at Loftus if not around the show ring.

Where does the name Larumo come from?

The iLarumo is a dagger type of sword that was used by the Nguni and Venda tribesmen to defend them in battle as well as to fend of the wild animals in mother nature.

I (Adele) acquired my first Stafford in the early 90’s, CH Kwan of Larumo, with my then husband Walter Enslin. He was a red dog and typical Stafford.  With the help of Charles and Sukie Woods we showed him to champion status.  My first bitch was a dog that came off the Chassuki stud called Chassuki Tuli of Larumo.  At that time we were young student and with not much cash in hand.  I wanted her badly and took the water and lights money to buy her.  Not obviously telling Walter the water and lights got cut of. Tuli then became known as the water and lights dog.  She was a big bully red and white bitch and the centre of my live. 

When I separated from Walter I took Tuli with me.  Not wanting to carry on with breeding I then transferred her into Mr Koos Richards, from Richmax Stafford’s name. Koos gave me a bitch CH Richmax Bellezza for Tuli as a partner.

I continued showing and helping Koos around the ring.  There I met a couple Mark and Andrea Pawley. They purchased a pare of Stafford’s from Koos, Ch Richmax Blue Blood (Bullet) & Richmax Symphony’o Fire (Molly).  I showed Bullet to champion status.  This is a big blue-black male with a heart like a lion.  I always preferred red dogs but this male changed me.  He has the biggest, softest eyes and nature that any dog lover would die for.

I remarried in 2002 to Louis Coetsee, at first I carried on with the dogs and the showing on my own.  In 2003 Mark and Andrea Pawley started planning to immigrate to Canada and they gave me Bullet and Molly to look after and to love forever.

With these new companions in our lives, Louis started to become interested in the dog world.  We are now breeding and showing together and loving every minute of it.[photogallery/photo00022992/real.htm]



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