Larumo       Breeding for Quality and not Quantity

Staffordshire bull terriers                        KUSA Accredited Breeder

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Copper ( Zutar Basic Instinct of Larumo)

L2-HGA & HC Clear Tested


Our Dogs


Seastaff Dark Night of Zutar Crossguns Black Eyed Pea at Staffwize Crossguns Graduate at Crosswords UK CH Days of Thunder at Crossguns
CH Cashalee Charmed at Crossguns
Tystaff Topaz at Crossguns Bullbrit Ollie Twist
Crossguns Ice Pick of Tystaff
Wyrefare Live Spirit at Seastaff CH Jackstaff Facination Jackstaff Johnny Handsome at Shirestaff
Jackstaff Infactuation
Seastaff Flaming Belle of Wyrefare Northpoint Red Devil at Seastaff
Stokes Red Rose
Northpoint For The Right Reasons of Zutar Northpoint Dugars Request Zutar African Dugar Zutar Blacksmith
Zutar Royal Ruby
Northpoint Foreign Affair SA Ch Rikarrystock Demolition Man
Distant Crimson Pepper
Dugar De Baladrar Charlotte-The-Harlot Zutar Fire N Ice Chassuki Shamus
Zutar Fearless Nala
Zutar Dugar's Dream CH Zutar Trophy Hunter
Dugar Baladrar Zutar-Zinza
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