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Staffordshire bull terriers

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Georgie (Larumo Belfast Boy) 

L2HGA & HC Clear

Our Dogs  

CH EL Doradostaff Garland of Rosswar CH Devils & Fairies for El Doradostaff UK CH Stormbull Solo JW UK CH Knockon Dance With The Devil
Stormbull Secret Harmony
Devils & Fairies Dream Maker Staffgold Marks Daffodil Yellow
Sweet Poison Dafodil Yellow
Katsumi De El Doradostaff CH D'Spain F/N Yakusa CH Lackyle Taiscealai Dubh
CH Staffgold Black Attraction
Dark Lady De El Dorado Staff CH D'Spain F/N Jack Daniels
D'Spain F/N Kill Bill
GR CH & CH Larumo Running Blaze CH Northpoints Man on a Mission of Larumo Sunset Blaze of Glory From Belnite Rosconael Fearless Devil
Lady Muck Mannarri
Northpoints Undisputed Queen Deestaff The Guy of Africa
Little Earthquakes Just Magic
CH Vomhausharrock Bella Donna of Larumo CH Hookstaff Do It Did It Done That of Larumo UK CH Stormbull Solo JW
Bekanbar Betty Boop at Hookstaff
Inion an Diabhal Lackyle Diabhalog
Neantog Dubh

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