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Staffordshire bull terriers

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Kimba (Larumo Queen Kimba)

L2HGA & HC Clear 

Our Dogs  

CH Larumo Rob Rambo CH Yardstick Rob Roy of Larumo CH Sylon Batista of Yardstick SA CH Sylon Bliksem of Niccyn
SA CH Velvetine Galadriel of Sylon
CH Larumo Double Jeopardy of Sylon CH Kusa Nat Dog '09 Sylon Leo of Monetrouge
CH Sabod Power Potion of Larumo
CH Larumo Tulipa Dawnglow Modjadjie of Vangershire Vangershire Maverick
Vangershire Swanmari
Larumo Black Sambuca SA CH Richmax Trigger
Richmax Lunar Donzella of Larumo
CH Larumo Ice Queen CH Rosswar Ice Man CH Stofano Joshua Vangershire Joker's Dual
Vangershire Brandy of Kunos
CH Zeracious Zoe of Rosswar SA CH Zeracious Neo
SA CH Zeracious Superstarr
CH Vomhausharrock Faery Queen of Larumo CH Hookstaff Do It Did It Done That of Larumo UK CH Stormbull Solo JW
Bekanbar Betty Boop at Hookstaff
Inion an Diabhal Lackyle Diabhalog
Neantog Dubh

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