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Memorable moments


On our way to the Durban show weekend, in July, Brutus started to vomit when we reached Harrismith.  At the show on the Friday morning we realised that he is very sick and we needed to get him to a Vet. 

Reaching Westville Veterinary Hospital we came to the shocking discovery that he had swallowed some foreign object and that is was obstructing his intestines.  The Vet on call said to Ansa and Louis that had they brought him in later that day it would have been to late.  The Vet did an emergency operation on him, and removed the object.  We went to visit him every evening after the show, the prognosis was not good and the Vet gave him a 50/50 change of recovering. 

This was the most difficult show weekend in our career.  We wanted our other dogs to perform well but on the other side we wanted to be with Brutus at the hospital. 

On the Sunday after the show the Vet would not let Brutus leave to go back to Pretoria with us, and we stayed another night.  On the Monday at 5 pm the vet cleared Brutus for the trip.  You could see that he was happy to be with us but not all was well with him.

Back in Pretoria Ansa and I took him to our local vet, he was happy with his progress and we had to watch him.  The Wednesday he started to vomit again and he gave us a big fright.  Our vet then put him under 24 hours surveillance and we could not leave him on his own for a minute.  Luckily Ansa works from home and she watched him, if she had to go out Brutus came to visit Louis and I.

It is now 2 months later and Brutus recovered fully.  We are very happy that he was given back to us to show and love.

The object that he had swallowed was a collar of one of the puppies.  Please let this be a warning to anybody that owns a Stafford, they will eat and swallow anything.

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