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 Ansa & Melandri

We met the Vermeulens in 2002, we became very good friends and spent many hours together.  Ansa was terrified of the dogs and would not let Melandri get near them. 


They had moved out of the house and could only move into the new home a month later. Louis and I offered them to stay with us. Ansa was then forced to live under one roof with all the Coetsee Stafford’s. 


At that stage I had a litter of puppies off Bullet and Molly. When they moved into there home Ch SABOD Power Potion of Larumo (Gabbi) moved with. They were hooked line and sinker. 


They now own 4 Stafford’s, Larumo One An Only,  Larumo Mystic Ice and the newcomer Larumo Beau Tie have join their house hold. They show and breed with us.  We travel and show together and love it.

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